5 Best Online Casino Software Developers

The world of online casinos boasts a plethora of incredible games, some so well made as to have earned multiple awards. But although players appreciate great games, they seldom look into the developers behind the software. Online casinos, as it turns out, are largely populated by a handful of excellent development studios. Some of these companies have been around for decades, having evolved from the very birth of the internet.

Let’s take a look at the innovative developers that make online casinos so revolutionary.


Microgaming is widely recognised as the grandfather of online casino entertainment, having initially launched in 1994. Although, of course, the studio was not the behemoth it is today. Originally the modest company launched just a handful of simple digital casino games, none of which were playable for real money. Then in 1996 legitimately live casino games were officially created, allowing players to actually spend and win cash.

Today Microgaming is present in virtually every online casino in the world including, with the company offering literally thousands of games. It is no exaggeration to say that without Microgaming online casino would not be what they are today.


NetEnt has been around almost as long as Microgaming. The company launched in 1996, putting focus on developing online casino games that defy expectation. To put it another way the moto of the company was, and still is, that casino games need not be limited in their design. Hence NetEnt games are recognisable for impressive graphical innovation and outstanding design, turning otherwise simple games into something far more extravagant.

NetEnt is most known for creating Gonzo’s Quest, a game that took online casino game design to a whole new level. Many online casino games of today owe their origin to Gonzo’s Quest.


Evolution launched much later on the scene than NetEnt and Microgaming, 2006, but the company still made an enormous splash in the industry. Initially called Evolution Gaming, they focused primarily on live casino entertainment, providing live video feeds of real croupiers in real casinos. The idea of live casino entertainment was slow to catch on, given the limitations of internet speeds at the time.

Today, however, Evolution is amongst the biggest and most influential online casino companies in the world. With multiple studios broadcasting 24 hours a day the company largely dominates the live casino game scene.


Playtech also has a long, interesting history in online casinos. Launching in early 2000 the company aimed to make games that stood apart for not just quality, but also accessibility. Playtech software is identifiable for having excellent UI design, impressive graphics, and for being very user friendly. There is no question that this multiple award winning studio is an industry leader.


Last on our list is iSoftBet. The youngest studio on this list, iSoftBet works on a moto of quality over quantity. Although having only 140 games in its portfolio, each of the titles stands apart for being incredibly well designed and exceptionally forward thinking. If anything the games that iSoftBet releases are so ahead of their time as to be true industry trailblazers.

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