Details about City Of Dreams – Macao Based Hotel and Casino

The City of Dreams Hotel and Casino, located along the Cotai Strip in Macao, also known as the Las Vegas of China, is a luxury accommodation and entertainment establishment. It offers live shows and music, various traditional Chinese restaurants, as well as three separate gambling venues. Most notable is that three different beauty and relaxation spas can be found on the hotel premises, allowing guests a truly unique and relaxation filled stay in the heart of the Chinese entertainment district.

Casino and Gambling Facilities

The City of Dreams has a choice of three individual casino venues. The City of Dreams Casino is an ultra modern establishment, designed to take advantage of sophisticated technology that makes gambling a futuristic experience. The Hard Rock Hotel, on the other hand, prefers a more bombastic décor, with interior design choices that reflect an artistic approach to the gambling scene. The Signature Club, located a short walking distance from guest accommodation, places itself firmly in traditional casino territory, providing luxuries and modern touches while still remaining true to classic casino décor. Whichever of the three establishments you prefer, the experience is sure to be a memorable one.

Entertainment Venues

The establishment is also home to the largest nightclub in the Macao area, with two full floors of live entertainment that keeps on going until the early hours of the morning. If nightclubs are not your thing, however, you may instead prefer to see the spectacular shows offered at the theatre. New shows performed on a regular basis, with many featuring astonishing acrobatics that have become synonyms with traditional Chinese theatre. And don’t forget about the Aquarium, which is renowned for its incredible underwater themed décor. Guests in this area of the hotel may enjoy a few cocktails, o try online betting.

Choice of Three Spas

The City of Dreams Hotel and Casino has not one spa, but a choice of three, all located on the premises and within convenient distance from guest rooms. Visitors may enjoy relaxing massages, receive hot rock therapy treatment, or just spend hours lazing in the steam baths. If you wish to visit one of the spas, it is best to make reservations in advance, as there is no guarantee time slots will be available at short notice. You can learn more about the spas and the services they offer on the appropriate page of the website.

Dining Venues and Restaurants

As would be expected, the City of Dreams Hotel and Casino has an exceptional range of traditional Chinese and Asian dining venues. A full menu is available at each establishment, offering the best of local cuisine that is sure to provide something for the taste buds everyone. If, however, you prefer foods from international locations, visit instead one of the many other establishments, which have menus created from a collection of the best foods found across the globe. Compliment your meal with a dessert, which is just a few steps away at one of the resident coffee shops, cafes, or quick bite eateries.

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