Grace Of Cleopatra Slot Details for Players

Grace Of Cleopatra Slot Details

Of all the endless stories about the ancient world, there are few quite as famous as the story of Cleopatra. Cleopatra was a temple priestess in ancient Egypt, and the story of her affair with Marc Antony and Julius Caesar as well as her untimely end has become one of the most renown stories ever told. Cleopatra was said to be incredibly beautiful and intelligent, and it was this that drew the attention of the equally famous Romans. Grace of Cleopatra is an online slot directly inspired by the stories of the priestess, and the entire game is themed around her and her stories.

Novomatic is the developer powering Grace of Cleopatra, and with many of their other slots, the game is easy to learn, and enticing enough to keep players coming back. Grace of Cleopatra comes with 5 reels and 10 fixed paylines, and all the symbols contain imagery of the priestess and ancient Egypt, with a heavy emphasis on the mysticism of the time.

Playing Grace of Cleopatra

The symbols found in Grace of Cleopatra are made up of a range of different images related to the life and times of the priestess. Of course, the most important symbol in the game is of Cleopatra herself, but other symbols such as the scarab, the two Romans, and many more are available. All the symbols in the game have values of varying amounts, which are included in the calculations when the game determines the amount of winnings are earned. The paytable displayed shows the player the values of the symbols, the general rules of the game, and the possible combinations that are available.

There are some betting options that are available to player in Grace of Cleopatra. Players can choose the amount they would like to bet, which is taken from the total pool found on the screen. Every new spin takes an amount from the total equal to the amount the player has bet. The more that the player wagers, the higher the winnings will be should the player land a successful combination. It is then a matter of deciding whether to use the manual spin button, or the autoplay. The autoplay is a standard among modern online slot games, but is still appreciated by those that prefer to sit back and relax without needing to interact all the time.

Playing Grace Of Cleopatra Slot Online

Grace of Cleopatra Bonus Content

Like bonuses in the slots at, the main bonus feature offered in Grace of Cleopatra slots online is the Ancient Adventures bonus. The Cleopatra symbol is needed to activate this round. Landing Cleopatra on three or more reels instantly awards the player with a set amount of coins, with more coins being give to the player the more Cleopatra symbols that land. This also acts as the wild of the game, and can substitute for all other symbols in the game, allowing for certain combinations to be completed. Furthermore, the Cleopatra symbol can be used to trigger free spins, where the player will receive ten free spins should the symbol land three or more times.

Grace of Cleopatra in Conclusion

Although there are dozens of games based on ancient Egypt, Grace of Cleopatra will be a favourite to many thanks to its gameplay and many bonus features.

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