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Greyhound Betting Strategy Described for Online Punters

Greyhound Betting Strategy

One of the oldest sports betting traditions is greyhound betting, it offers similar betting action to horse racing with the available list of wager options pretty much remaining the same.

Greyhound Betting Strategy is pretty much a requirement if you wish to successfully bet online. Without good betting strategy when placing your wagers, you may not fare as well as you could when the hounds take to the track.

Understanding the Odds Systems

You can find greyhound betting sites all around the world. This means that you will encounter at least 3 different systems for displaying the racing odds. They will either be displayed in American, Fractional or Decimal formats.

Before you can even think of employing Greyhound Betting Strategy, you will need to understand these systems as you check numbers in the best games. The fractional format displays odds as a fraction excluding your stake in the payout displayed.

The decimal system is the simplest system and displays odds as a decimal value that includes your stake in the payout displayed. The most complex way to display odds is the American system that uses a unique moneyline system that requires some maths from the bettor.

Fortunately greyhound racing usually features Fractional or Decimal odds.

Features to Look For

When looking for the perfect greyhound to place your hard earned cash on, you will need to gather some statistical data online. The greyhound’s racing form contains a variety of helpful stats and figures that can provide you average lap times and historical performances.

It is also essential to keep an eye on the race grade. If a dog has been moving up in race grades he could be a risky proposition as he may soon place in a higher class.

Greyhound Wagering

Avoid Superstitions and Systems

There are many sites offering greyhound betting strategies, either for free or for a price. Try and avoid these strategies as they usually feature out-dated mathematical betting systems that do not work in a real world situation.

Greyhound Betting Strategy should always start and end with research.

There are many betting systems that use mathematical formulations to determine a race’s true odds but even these still rely heavily on a bettor’s hard work and research.

Manage your Bankroll

Greyhound Betting Strategy and greyhound betting tips would mean nothing if a bettor is not managing his finances properly.

Create a budget for yourself and use a percentage of your bankroll only. Never wager impulsively on a trace that you believe is a sure thing. Always trust your research and wager rationally and responsibly at the websites like

Find Expert Advice

Your Greyhound Betting Strategy can also be complimented by online expert advice. Always take the advice with a pinch of salt. If these experts could accurately predict races then they would be millionaires sipping cocktails on a beach.

This doesn’t mean some advice can’t be used to adjust your own calculations and wagers. Sometimes online sources provide insider information or just informed opinions that could be invaluable. The best greyhound bets consist of a variety of information sources helping you to make predictions on a variety of variables.

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