An Introduction to Playing Lottery Online in Australia

Playing Lottery Online in Australia

Australian lotto fans have plenty of options to play the numbers; there is at least one nationwide lottery drawn five nights a week, and on some nights, there will be two or three. Throw in a game like Lucky Lotteries, a lucky-ticket game that is only drawn once a set number of tickets has been sold (so it can create a big winner on any night), and Australian lotteries enthusiasts can reap lotto rewards seven days a week.

The proliferation of online and mobile gaming sites not only means that lotteries previously confined to a specific state or territory can now be played nationwide, but also that players can try their luck whenever and wherever they feel like it, as long as they have internet access. There are a number of companies providing online access to Australian lotteries, like Netlotto, Intralot Australia, Lotterywest and Jumbo Interactive (aka Ozlotteries), but the largest is the Tatts Group Limited.

Only Western Australia’s state-owned lottery company, Lotterywest, is also operated by the state: in Australia’s other states and territories, Tatts runs a number of private and state lotteries, although ownership of the latter does remain in the hands of the state or territorial government. Essentially, Tatts collaborates with the bloc of individual state-owned lotteries to administer nationwide online lotto games that were previously accessible only regionally, while each state’s share of the profits continues to support social programmes.

Regional Lotteries that have Gone Nationwide

Tatts runs some of Australia’s most popular lottery brands, including the Saturday Lotto, (called by that name, or simply Lotto, in NSW and Western Australia, but branded as Tattslotto in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and the ACT, Gold Lotto in Queensland, and X Lotto in South Australia). An average Saturday Lotto first-division payout is around AU$4-million, but regular special draws with a jackpot of AU$20-million and even AU$30-million occur several times a year. Tatts also operates the Monday and Wednesday Lotto, (aka X Lotto in South Australia), which was originally a game confined to NSW.

Regional Lotteries

Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a regular Division 1 prize of AU$1-million, occasionally rising to AU$5-million on a Monday night “superdraw”. Oz Lotto on Tuesday nights is another Tatts offering, and it bears the distinction of having delivered a jackpot of more than AU$111-million; the highest in the history of Australian lotteries. Tatts also runs the Thursday night Powerball lottery, where the drawing of six numbers from one drum and a single number from a separate drum make a Division 1 win even harder, but ensures that when jackpots are won, they are substantial. The highest to date has been just over AU$80-million.

Other lotteries operated by Tatts include the Set For Life lottery (which pays jackpot winners monthly instalments rather than a lump sum) and the Super 66 (Lotto Strike in NSW).

Australian Lotteries with No Balls

Not all Australian lotteries are ball-based: the Lucky Lotteries, as mentioned, are based on ticket draws, and the Australian Soccer Pools uses the weekly football results (in Australian or European leagues, depending on the season) to generate winning numbers. Players can also bet on a computerised racing game called Trackside. So whatever form of lottery they enjoy most, Australians can play them on internet like Canadian keno players at, anytime through a mobile or desktop connection.

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