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Explaining about Embracing Risk for Bettors

Risk for Bettors

Every successful sports bettor knows the importance of learning how to adopt a way of thinking (mindset) that instead of avoiding risk, actually embraces it. It should however be stressed right from the start that embracing risk is never the same as placing bad bets and/or making bad decisions for whatever the reason.

Embracing risk in a positive and constructive manner means acknowledging that without embracing at least a measure of uncertainty there can never be real value or actual rewards achieved. Avoiding risk necessarily means showing the potential rewards associated with that risk the door.

What often helps beginners get their heads around the concept of embracing risk being a positive action, is to realise that it is in fact a key concept also in the world of business and commerce. In sports betting and in business the shared message remains the same: no opportunity comes without risk; and without risk there would be no such thing as “opportunity”.

Risk & Opportunity = Bedfellows

Risk and opportunity cannot be separated from one another – they are bedfellows; soulmates even. Taking advantage of any opportunity requires of the punter to embrace risk by accepting those risks associated with that particular opportunity. What this ultimately means is that the sports bettor hoping to factor success into their approach and strategy must necessarily offload completely the need/desire for absolute certainty.

What scares us about the concept of embracing risk is that the very word brings to mind the undesired outcome of failure. And the only way in which to combat this fear and negative way of thinking is to make our way right back around to the realisation that without risk, there can also be no success.

Embracing Risk Creates Edge

A readiness and willingness to embrace risk nearly always leads to creating a personal edge. The reason for this is simple: most people will avoid risk as a result of the natural inclination to do so discussed earlier on.

Since creating an edge equates to creating value, the courage and the willingness to embrace risk is arguably that which ultimately separates those who enjoy long-term success from those who cop out and give up early.

Risk in Betting

Embracing Risk Creates Tenacity

A willingness to embrace risk is the same as succeeding at looking at things differently. Success in sports betting is oftentimes the result of nothing more than thinking differently to most of the other people betting on a particular market.

What this also means is that most behaviours leading to success in sports betting requires of the punter to go against their human instincts. This means adopting new ways of thinking about risk that may at first “feel” essentially counter-productive.

The really good news is that keeping on embracing risk will ultimately lead to enough positive outcomes that these will inevitably develop in the beginner sports better a certain strength and tenacity of character that will eventually lead to an even more determined commitment to success. The trick is only to keep on keeping on.

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